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Here are some of the reasons for affiliating yourself with Spiffx:

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Spiffx – the alternative betting exchange

Spiffx is an alternative betting exchange, a concept it pioneered in 2012. is fully licensed in Malta since April 2013 and in operation since August 2013, offering the major European soccer leagues. If the odds go your way, your locked in profit will be rewarded with leverage. All bets are placed by users who either want odds to fall, raise or be equal compared to a weighted marketprice (Spiffindex).

Spiffx is the world’s leading alternative betting exchange where you can back (bet for) and lay (bet against) in one bet. This will lock in your future profit in advance and you will leverage if the odds go your way.

Spiffx currently offer an unique pre-play and in-play betting experience, where you can lock in profit in advance, using only a small amount compared with traditional exchanges.

Spiffx is driven by the market and enables the traders to take advantage of the movements in price.